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As a Knowledge Translation Specialist & Implementation Consultant, Shanique works with multiple stakeholders and organizations address and support the mental health needs of BIPOC members by:

(1) identifying and responding to knowledge gap needs;

(2) developing strategic initiatives to build frameworks and facilitate organizational culture change that effectively meets identified gaps and needs; and,

(3) supporting evaluation activities and processes related to reach, impact and effectiveness of knowledge mobilization activities.


Shanique supports the translation of findings related to evidence-based practice, Africentricity, cultural-affirming care, and research into knowledge products that can be used and delivered through various communication channels. 

She has been involved in the development of educational events, conferences and workshops; organizational trainings; podcasts and mass education products, such as best practice guidelines and manuals; and, knowledge mobilization activities to support the exchange and translation of evidence-based research and interventions for BIPOC and marginalized communities.

Some topics presented or developed into trainings and workshops:

  • Africentric Principles and Mental Health

  • Racial Trauma (Race-Based Traumatic Stress Injuries)

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Mental Health Resilience & Coping Strategies 

  • Mental Health & Race (key considerations for BIPOC individuals including the impact of racial trauma and discrimination)

  • Mental Health Disorders in Young People (including signs and symptoms and ways to address (high-functioning) depression and anxiety)

  • Supporting individuals with Suicidal Ideation 

  • Interpersonal Relationships (including attachment styles)

  • Mental Health and Learning Styles (supporting neurodivergent individuals)

  • Supporting the Mental Health of Black Youth

  • Neuropsychological Impact of Racial Trauma

A few organizations I have had the pleasure to work with: 

  • Black Mental Health Canada (BMHC)

  • Canadian Black Nurses Alliance (CBNA)

  • University of Toronto – Student Union

  • Glendon College, York University – Black Student Union

  • Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists (OSRP)

  • Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services, Province of Ontario

  • Ministry of Citizens’ Services, Government of British Columbia

  • City of Peterborough, Community Race Relations Committee

  • Lumenus Community Services

  • City of Toronto

  • CGI

  • Trent University

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Fostering Wellness Event.

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Mental Health First Aid


MHFA Training aims to improve mental health literacy and destigmatize conversations related to mental health. This training is open to everyone (18+) and provides the skills and knowledge to help people better manage potential or developing mental health problems in themselves, a family member, a friend or a colleague. 


With Mental Health First Aid training, you'll acquire essential skills to:


  • Recognize Warning Signs of Mental Health decline

  • Provide Initial Support

  • Initiate Critical Conversations about Mental Wellbeing

  • Combat Stigma

  • Promote Self-Help

  • Offer Reassurance and Information

  • Guide Individuals to Professional Help

  • Create a Supportive Environment for those in need


It's not just a course - it's a toolkit for making a positive impact and allows you to become an empathetic ally to those facing declining mental wellbeing or are in crisis.

           * Training is offered virtually and in-person.

Register today for the next upcoming MHFA Training

Group/Corporate Trainings are also available. Email to schedule and discuss rates.

Don't allow the fear of what you cannot see distract you from discovering all that you have imagined. 

- Shanique Victoria -
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